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We at Garage Door Repair Key Biscayne understand the needs of our community. We have worked hard to become the preferred garage door company/contractor choice for Key Biscayne residents. Choosing experts in door service is not a choice best made blindly by our Key Biscaynecustomers but based upon our record of accomplishment of prompt friendly service to the community in Key Biscayne. Our contractor provides an emergency door service as well as regular service calls as a convenience to our customers. We believe that every customer’s garage door repair is urgent and our  company can often dispatch skilled professionals within the day.

Garage Door CompanyWe at Garage Door Repair Key Biscayne offer Garage door installation/replacement with a wide variety of types of garage doors that can meet almost any need for our customers as well as match existing styles.  We offer installation of door windows as well as

Wood doors – with or without windows, these doors are elegant and long lasting although they do require regular maintenance to maintain their beauty and durability.

Glass doors – allow natural sunlight in and a view of the outside for the owner.

Many owners in Key Biscayne love the beauty and style of glass doors.
Aluminum doors – are rust resistant and low maintenance choices.

Craftsman doors – can be uniquely styled to match the most elegant. Architecture. These are often special designs to match existing architecture.

Steel doors – remain are popular choices in Key Biscayne because metal can endure the ravages of storms and when properly cared for, can last for decades.

We strongly urge you to consider a professional garage door company/contractor for your garage door replacement/installation. Letting professional garage door repair technicians do the job right the first time, frees the garage door owner from the worry of improperly installed or misaligned garage doors.

Our garage door company/contractor in Key Biscayne is on call around the clock with trained technicians who can provide timely garage door service at any time of day or night. While not everygarage door repair is an emergency; our garage door professionals arrive promptly and perform the necessary repairs, installations or garage door maintenance/adjustment as if that were their own home.

One of our highest priorities at Garage Door Repair Key Biscayne is garage door maintenance/adjustment. We feel that by scheduling inspections regularly, lubrication maintenance and periodic checks, we can eliminate the need for costly premature garage door replacement for many of our customers in Key Biscayne.

Unfortunately, garage door repair may eventually be unavoidable, as the garage door gets older. If the problem is garage door off track or the broken emergency release needs fixed our professionalgarage door repair company in Key Biscayne can take care of it quickly and safely. A minor bump by a car or even a flying trash can might require that the garage door repair team replace section of garage door and our technicians are skilled in safely removing the damaged section, replacing it, and assuring your garage door works properly afterwards. Bottom garage door rubber and weather strip, ensure the garage is as weather-tight as possible and prevents drafts and debris from sifting into the garage through cracks in the door.

Do not let garage door cables & tracks troubles get the best of you. Call the experts at Garage Door Repair Key Biscayne to take care of the broken cable, cable came off the drum or cable loseissue. Replacing and adjusting or cables & tracks in Key Biscayne is not a matter of hit or miss when you call our pros. Our garage door company/contractor dispatches expert technicians who can repair bent track or replace garage track or take care of the cable snapped issue by replacing it, and get your garage door working, as it should.

One crucial part of the system, which the owner should call a professional for repair, is the garage door springs. Garage door springs can be dangerous to install if attempted by someone untrained. Garage door spring such as extension springs are high-tension springs. Garage door springs are precisely calibrated to very exacting specifications. Installing these springs improperly can reduce the life of the spring as well as possibly cause severe injury. Broken spring repair/replacement in Key Biscayne is a job for the professionals and is best installed by professionals for safety’s sake. The torsion spring is another option that also must be installed properly to maintain its longevity as well as for safety reasons. Galvanized springs are very popular in humid climates where exposure to moisture and salt air can rust the door spring. Alternatively, professional repair/replacement services in Key Biscayne are trusted by members of our community.

The opener is a modern convenience and our Key Biscayne customers rely upon us to provide quality openers from name brand manufacturers such as:

  • Liftmaster opener in Key Biscayne
  • Genie opener in Key Biscayne
  • Craftsman opener in Key Biscayne
  • Marantec opener in Key Biscayne
  • Sears opener in Key Biscayne
  • Chamberlain opener in Key Biscayne

Choosing a opener also requires choosing a drive motor. Choices like the screw driveare very popular and relatively quiet in operation. The belt drive is a very popular choice because it is quiet. The chain drive is economical and common but also the noisiest choice. Our company/contractor in Key Biscayne offers existing door opener troubleshooting for when a door opener goes on the fritz.

An important part of our service to our customers in Key Biscayne is door remote troubleshooting and replacement. We service and supply brands such as the Genie Intellicode and Liftmaster Security Plus both of which change the door code with each use for greater security. The Clicker that is compatible with almost every major door opener brand. Alternatively, a popular choice is the MultiCodethat allows for broadcast on two channels simultaneously to operate two doors.

Our superior choice for remote in Key Biscayne allows the owner the greatest possible choices in new remotes. We also focus upon repair and provide experienced door repair technicians for older remote problems.

Our door company/contractor in Key Biscayne has focused upon our customer’s needs and satisfaction before any other aspect of our business. This single-minded drive for excellence is what has earned us the trust of the Key Biscayne community. We believe once you experience our difference that we will be your choice for door repair in Key Biscayne.

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