Garage Door is Secure

Garage Door is Secure

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This is an important article as when it comes to garage door security mainly because everyone should know the basics. Garage doors are a common target for thieves and a weak point has the potential to put the security of your whole house at risk. The garage door shouldn't be the only thing you check for its security but it's not a bad start. Find out the main security risks and what you can do to secure your garage gate below.

The Main Security Risk to Your Garage Door

Maine Sawan Se KahaThe first generation of automatic door openers all used the same code. All a thief would have to do is find the code that your model of opener used and then he could purchase the same transmitter and consequently be able to operate your gate just as you would with the original opener. From a security standpoint, this was obviously a nightmare. In view of this, if you have a certain type of garage gate opener, it would be wise to buy a newer generation model.

The second generation of garage gate openers increased security by allowing the owner to change the code that came with the opener. This sounds like a good idea but most owners didn't bother or forgot to change the code! If you have this sort of opener, you should change your code to a unique number.

Modern openers feature a rolling-code technology, which means your remote will transmit a brand new code every time you use your remote. This is much more secure as there are over 100 billion codes so the chances of a thief breaking into your garage door are very unlikely.

This is the most recommended type of opener. It's time to purchase one of these newer models if you're not sure if your gate is secure. If you are looking to buy a new garage door opener it will be well worth the purchase to make sure your garage is secure.

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